Apple disables FaceTime feature due to privacy issues

Apple user is facing Facetime problem

If you are an iPhone or Mac user then you may want to turn off FaceTime. Because of this new bug, people can listen to your conversations even if you don’t answer the call.

On Monday night, Twitter lit up with anxious Apple users when 9to5Mac discovered FaceTime issue. Because of this significant bug, an iPhone can call another iPhone user and listen in on that person’s conversations through the device microphone even if the recipient doesn’t answer the call.

The technology news website Verge added that in certain situations the bug also broadcasts both video and audio from the recipient’s phone. If you are in a group then it will let someone force a FaceTime call with you and this will give them access of your iPhone, Mac or iPad’s video and audio even if you don’t accept the call.

Apple disables FaceTime feature due to privacy issues
Apple disables this feature due to privacy issues

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An Apple spokesperson confirmed that They are aware of this issue. They have identified a fix and they will release a software update later this week. According to Apple’s system status webpage we know, Apple’s group FaceTime was temporarily made unavailable due to an ongoing issue.

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This feature group FaceTime was first time introduced on 30th October for its 12.1 operating system. Because of this bug privacy is in danger. By pressing the volume or power button you can usually silence or dismiss an incoming call. But because of this bug if you press these buttons then it will turn your camera on. But this will disable the audio. All the user are talking about this problem in Social media. So I will request all of you to turn off this feature as soon as you can.












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