Foldable phones are coming for real at last

Foldable phones are that thing for which people are waiting for a lot of time. Foldable smartphones are all the rage at the moment.

The trend of foldable phones is absolutely on the rise. Things are changing because foldable phones are making their way into the market. A lot of companies are investing in this tech. Like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi.

Foldable phones are coming for real at last
Foldable phones are coming for real at last

Here is the Story of foldable phones

A foldable phone called Royole FlexPai is already available in the market. FlexPai first came in the market in October 2018. This phone looks like a book with its screen on the outside. You can bend or fold the phone whichever way you want.

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The tech giant Samsung is also joining the race with their foldable phone. The phone is named as either Galaxy F or Galaxy X. They are planning to launch this phone in March this year. Samsung didn’t give us much information about Galaxy X or F. They gave a little news about their Galaxy X prototype in their conference last November. This phone’s screen can open up to 7.3 inches from 4.5 inches. This phone will also feature a polymer display developed by Samsung. You can bend the display of this phone hundreds of thousands of times and it will not break.

Foldable phones are coming for real at last
New Foldable phone

Huawei also confirmed that their first ever 5G phone which is expected to be launched in June 2019 will have a foldable screen. Huawei phones will not come to the US, unfortunately. The US government banned the sale of Huawei phones on US military bases. Hence all the retailers have stopped selling its products.

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Xioami also confirmed that they are also coming with a foldable phone called Xiaomi Dual Flex or Mix Flex. This special phone can be folded into thirds with folding down both sides. In a social media platform called Weibo, they introduced their new foldable phone. They said that they have been working on this new phone for quite some time. This is going to be breathtaking.

There is also some rumor that Lenovo, Apple, LG, Motorola are also making foldable smartphones. Only time will tell us about these rumors Whether it is true or not.

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