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NIKE ADAPT BB (Basketball)

The world is upgrading day by day with new technology. Can you remember about the movie “Back to the future” regarding science fiction which released in 1989 Where we saw a show which attached on the leg automatically. We may forget or not. But the world-class brand Nike didn’t forget that. According to that Nike is going to release a new smart show  Nike Adapt bb (Basketball). Let’s introduce Nike to Adapt bb.

After a long time research, Nike is going to release its new smart show Nike Adapt bb. This show is going to be really amazing for the user. When someone put in this show it will set to the leg according to the size. That means anyone can customize the size of the show. This is the main feature of this show. This can be controlled by a smartphone application. Anyone can save the customized size on the app.


Inside the mechanism, there is a motor and sensors which will set the exact size for the leg. This shoe is made for the Basketball player. But Nike wants to use this same technology for their upcoming new shoes. There is also LED light on this shoe. You can change the color of the light with the app. There is a battery inside it. The battery can give backup for 10-12 days for the single time charging. Anyone can share their problems with Nike by the smart app if anyone feels any problem with this show. Nike will try to solve the problem.

This shoe will available on the market from February. The estimated price will be $350.

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This is a great starting for Nike. It will charm the user’s eyes and the world is getting smart with Nike.





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