Top 10 Most Exciting Android Pie Features

Android is one of the best platforms for mobile users of this era. Lollipop, Ice-cream Sandwich, Kitkat, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Now it’s time for the most dramatic version of Android that is Android Pie which is known as Android 9 or Android P.

The dramatic journey of Android Pie with the most effective features has already started officially.

Let’s know about the top 10 features of Android Pie.

1. Gesture Navigation

Generally, there are three buttons on the home screen. But in Android Pie, there are no three buttons in the home screen. Instead of that it Android P will give you an option to use the single home button that helps you to swipe up that will show you recent apps along with a UI that gives you a suggestion to use the other apps. It allows to slide left and right across the device where it will show you the showcase of resenting app and you can switch them quickly as you want.

Android Pie

2. Do Not Disturb (DND)

Though Do Not Disturb mood is an old feature of android but Android Pie modified this feature.

DND mode generally makes the phone calls, messages, and notification silent but the difference in Android Pie is that it will help you to hide the pop up of your screen.

Android Pie

‘Shush’ is a new feature of Android Pie. It enables the DND mode. When you put your phone face-down on the table the DND mode will enable automatically.


3. Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT

The most exciting part of Android Pie is Wi-Fi RTT. Android Pie now supports Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)  which is also known as IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol.

Android Pie

This new feature is used to enable indoor GPS style tracking by determining your location within a building and facilitating turn-by-turn directions to help you navigate indoors.

Now you will find your friends or partners easily from any shopping mall or any the building.


4. Screenshot Editing

It’s great news that Android P gives you a feature that helps you to edit the Screenshot without switch into other apps.

Android Pie

5. Slices

It’s a great feature of Android P that is ‘Slices’ which makes your phone handy in some cases. It helps you to perform the basic activities outside the app.

Android Pie

When you search for an app, it will help you to get the search result but Slices help you to use the most used features without entering into the app.


Best Features of Android P:




6. Lockdown mode

It is one of the top features of android P that is ‘Lockdown’ mode which boosts the security of your Phone.

Once enabled, it disables fingerprint unlocking option which can be quite useful in case any assailant force you or trick you into unlocking your phone.

Android Pie

It disables the fingerprint unlocking system when you enable Lockdown mode which makes the security system tricky.

After launching the mode, you will be required to insert your PIN, password or pattern for any other unlock methods to work again.

7. Smarter Notification Channels

The notification panel on Android P allows you to block the certain type of notifications from appearing on your phone.

Android Pie

The type of notifications you usually dismiss will now display a red minus sign. By tapping on the notification will display a message asking if you would like to “Stop notifications” or “Keep showing” them.


8. Improvement in messaging apps

Android Pie

This feature helps you to reply to your incoming message from notification Shade. It also helps you to show the incoming images on the message from notification Shade.


9. Pair up to 5 Bluetooth devices

Android Pie

In Android Oreo, we can pair two devices simultaneously. But it’s time to pair five devices simultaneously and Android Pie makes it possible. Now you can pair five devices on Android Pie.

10. 157 new emojis

Android Pie


To express our feelings it is a great way to use emojis. According to that trends, Android Pie brings new 157 exciting emojis including gender inclusive emoji as well as few minor tweaks in emoji designs.

Android Pie


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