Top 5 Best Fitness Tracker In July 2019

All best fitness tracker is a great way to monitor your health and activity with little no effort. Some best fitness tracker on the market keep tabs on your heart rate, workouts, stress, and everything in-between with pinpoint accuracy.

You can also think of them as an electronic finger on the pulse, constantly measuring your quality of sleep, vitals, step count and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fitness tracker.

5 Best Fitness Tracker


1. Fitbit Charge 3


best fitness tracker fitbit charge 3

Charge 3 is one of the best fitness trackers for the company. It has a more lightweight design and it looks better on your wrist. This device offers a lot of insight into your overall health. The display is clearer and bigger than a lot of other fitness trackers. It’s still a black and white screen.

It’s waterproof and there is no onboard GPS like some other trackers. It offers a full fitness suite including a heart rate tracker. You can also track GPS by pairing your phone with the tracker. It has another fantastic and that is sleep tracking.

2. Moov Now

best fitness tracker

This device was first released back in 2015. Although it may be a few years old, the Moov Now still one of the favorite fitness band. It offers everything you will want in an everyday tracker and it’s cheap too. There is a phenomenal six-month long battery life. This tracker is not just designed for step tracking but it also comes with rep based and boxing training.

It also has swimming mode on top of run coaching and sleeps monitoring features. You won’t get some of the more complex fitness tracking features like GPS and others. If you are looking for a great everyday tracker and without spending a lot of money then Moov Now is for you.

3. Huawei Band 2 Pro

huawei band 2 pro

This is a sleek little fitness tracker that manages to pack a decent amount of features into its diminutive frame. You can buy this device with a small amount of money. The Band 2 Pro has GPS, VO2 max, heart rate monitoring, step, and sleep tracking and seriously impressive battery life.

This tracker will work just as well with running gear as it will with a business suit because it has a slim screen. But the slim screen is not going to be as easy to read as some of the competition. It’s an affordable entry-level device for your first foray into the world of fitness tracking.

4. Garmin Vivosmart 4

fitness tracker garmin vivosmart 4 review

Garmin Vivosmart is one of the most accomplished in its range of health bands. This fitness tracker is not made for serious athletes. Garmin Vivosmart 4 is for those who want to be able to track the odd bit of exercise and have an attractive band to do it. It has a comparatively bigger screen than other Garmin products.

This device has a battery that should last for around a week depending on how much exercise you will be doing. This fitness tracker also has an innovative feature called body battery that helps you learn when exactly is the best time to exercise depending on how much energy you have. This device is for those who are just as interested in their recovery and wellbeing as they are clocking up the miles.

5. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

samsung gear fit 2 pro review

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a great fitness tracker. The Gear Fit 2 Pro has a fantastic design that looks gorgeous on your wrist. It has a sporting big, beautiful AMOLED display by which you will be able to see all of your stats nice and clearly. This device also comes with built-in GPS, so you can leave your phone at home while you go for a run.

It also has a top-notch heart rate sensor that should give you one of the most accurate readings possible from a wrist-based tracker. It will track your swimming too. This fitness tracker is waterproof and it has 3 days of battery life depending on how much you use. It is compatible with both Android and IOS.

Wrapping Up

Fitness trackers are the best to keep track almost everything in your daily life. There are a lot of fantastic fitness trackers available in the market. In this list, you will find some best fitness tracker. You can buy any from one of the above-mentioned fitness trackers. Check the prices of all the fitness tracker and buy one you can afford.


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