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WordPress Menu Plugins

The menu is the map of any website. People can easily understand your website from the menu. So making a perfect menu is very important for any website. If you want to get visitors on your site, creating a menu with perfect look is very important. WordPress menu plugins will help you to do that easily as well as quickly.

Choosing the best menu for your WordPress site is very important for your website. So we are here for helping you to find the best menu plugin for your site. Let’s explore the best WordPress menu plugins for your particular webpage.

Making A Website With WordPress Before Using WordPress Menu Plugins

People who know about how to create a website they know that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. So, we would recommend you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform.

For your kind information, there are two kinds of WordPress available and they are WordPress. com and which is also known as self-hosted WordPress. We would like to recommend you to use as you will get all kinds of features of WordPress.

After that, you need a domain name and hosting account. For your hosting account, we would like to suggest you Bluehost as they are the best WordPress hosting provider available in the market.

Now you are all set to make your own website and don’t forget to use WordPress menu plugins to design your website. 

Mega Main Menu

Mega menu WordPress menu plugin

Are you looking for a multifunctional mega menu for your site? If yes then Mega Main Menu is for you. It will be providing you the working experience for menu plugin among all types of WordPress menu plugins.

Sticky menu, cool dropdown system, logo, search bar are the main features which will make your site gorgeous. It will provide you some extra features that will make you astonished. It will offer more than 600 google fonts, more than 1600 vector icons, unlimited color for customization, WPML support. 

Besides these features, Mega Main Menu will provide you excellent customer support. If you face any difficulties at the time of using, the service providers are always ready to solve your problems.

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Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu WordPress menu plugin

Responsive Menu plugin is highly customizable and fully responsive WordPress menu plugin. Responsiveness of any webpage is essential to achieve visitors. That’s why this WordPress menu plugin in the best menu plugin for your site.

Responsive Menu is such a plugin where you can do whatever you want. Here you will get more than 150 customizable option. It will provide you with 22,500 options. The most important thing is that you do not have to go for coding. 

That means no coding knowledge is needed for customizing it. Just drag and drop, and it will be customized. This menu plugin will provide you unlimited color choice option to choose your preferred color. Before launch your menu you can preview it. You will get more than 16 animation effect for this menu plugin. 




Menu plugins are essential for your site. In your choice list of menu plugin, UberMenu can be your hotcake. If you are new in WordPress, but still you need an attractive menu than UberMenu is for you.

Let’s talk about its features. UberMenu will be providing you flexible layout, advanced content, mobile-optimized, and advanced UI. You will get here a cool responsive menu bar for all types of platform, and you can customize this menu plugin in your preferred way. 

The most important is that here, no coding knowledge is required. UberMenu will provide you excellent user experience. This menu plugin is a dynamic menu where you can set a dropdown option.


Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu is one of the most straightforward mega menus in the list of mega menu plugins. If you have an existing menu on your site, then Max Mega Menu plugin will convert it to Max Mega Menu. 

Some people have no idea about menu making on their site, and then this menu plugin is for those users. This WordPress menu plugin is the most straightforward menu plugin for any website.

To use this menu on your site, you need to add a widget on your website after installing it. There are lots of features here, like responsive, multicolor, dynamic, icons, fonts, and so on. 

Besides these standard features, this theme has some pro features like tapped mega menu, verticle and accordion menu, font awesome, custom icon, search box, mega logo, WooCommerce, and EDD support, google font, automatic update and much more. 




QuadMenu is a powerful menu plugin for the type of WordPress site. It will help you to convert your existing menu to a robust mega menu. If you are a WordPress user, then this can be your best choice to design your menu section.

In this menu plugin, you do not need any pre-knowledge to customize it. Because you do not need any coding knowledge, drag and drop the menu options and your menu section will be ready to be used.

There is a lot of features regarding this amazing menu plugin like automatic and manual integration, drag and drop, child theme support, unlimited menu theme, support for visual composer, google font, google font excellent support and so on. These are free features.

Besides these features, in the premium version of this menu plugin, you will get some extra features like tab menu, login menu, a social menu, register menu, carousel menu, etc.


Superfly Responsive Menu


Superfly Responsive Menu is the most beautifully designed menu I have ever seen. The style, design, and effect are very cool to see. If you want to design your website with a distinctive look on your site, then this menu plugin can be the best choice for your site. 

The price of this plugin is not much higher. It is only $26. So this menu plugin can be in your list of choice. If you want to buy this theme with support, then you have to pay a total of $33.88.  

There are some unique features of this menu plugin that other menu plugins will not provide. The key features are various menu mood, GDPR compliant, 100% responsive, content area, displaying control, trigger setting, multiple menu source, abundant element, styling menu, google font with settings, smooth scroll, icon library, social bar, cozy admin panel, beautiful animation, behavior option and so on.


Hero Menu

Hero Menu

Hero Menu is one of the best  WordPress menu plugins. If you want to get a gorgeous menu for your particular site, then Hero Menu plugin is the best choice for you. Most easy to use, looking beautiful, and standard.

Consist of a lot of features; this WordPress menu plugin is insane. There is a lot of common features like other plugins. Let’s talk about some features of this theme.

Responsive menu builder, fully responsive, easy to use, custom menu, custom CSS, mega menu builder, styling, menu builder, social bar, sticky menu, mobile menu, brilliantly out the box, and integration system are the key features of this plugin. 

Besides these features, you will get a lot of free icons, more than 60 colors, quick and easy UI, and excellent customer support.


WP Floating Menu

WP floating Menu Pro

WP Floating Menu is one of the most expensive WordPress menu plugins. If you have enough budget to buy a plugin with all sorts of features, then you can use this WordPress menu plugin.

In the market, this theme is now $24. If you to buy with customer support of 12 months, then you will have to pay $31.13. The customer support is very responsive and always ready to solve your issues.

There is a lot of features of this WordPress menu plugin like modal popup, support font awesome 5.0, responsive menu with different screens, GDPR support, elegant template layout, unlimited number of menus, page-wise configurable menu, settings for the mobile screen, unlimited icon, WordPress compatible.

If you think these features can meet your requirements, then install WP Floating Menu and start using today.


Tap Tap

Tap Tap

Mobile responsiveness is essential for any website. As you know, the website is a reflection for any company or any organization. Then it is vital to make it attractive in front of the users of your site. 

Keeping that phenomenon in mind, Tap Tap has come with such a WordPress menu plugin that will impress you and your visitors also. Tap Tap is a mobile navigator for your website. It is necessary for your site if your audiences are mobile phone user.

This WordPress menu plugin is mainly designed for mobile with a lot of features for this particular platform like menu button, search button, widget location, more than 100 settings, and so on.

As we know for all types of website, most of the visitors are from mobile phone user. So, start using Tap Tap for your WordPress menu plugin and get more visitors on your site.


Wrapping Up

The menu is the navigator of your site. A menu bar is significant for any types of website. So if you want to create a responsive WordPress menu with cool design, then pick your chosen menu plugin from the above list of WordPress menu plugins. This list is consist of the best plugins in the market. So, pick one and staring using today.


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Best WordPress menu plugins 2019
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Best WordPress menu plugins 2019
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