5 Must Know Health Tips For Girls

Young teenage girls become worried when they approach puberty. Usually, they notice a lot of change in their body and face. Some young teenage girls follow health and beauty tips and some don’t. Whereas, all teenage girls should follow some health tips for girls.

Young girls need to take proper care of themselves. Because teenage is the best time period for any young girl and boy. They can enjoy their life to the fullest. So, girls, to enjoy your life more you need to follow some rules.

Some best health tips for girls are given below.

Best Health Tips For Girls


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5 Must-Know Health Tips For Girls

1. Awareness About Puberty

All the parents should make their daughter aware of the biological basis of puberty, at a time preceding the onset of menstruation. All the parents should talk to their daughter in a logical and supportive manner so that she is ready to accept the change in herself. Girls shouldn’t have any fear or confusion regarding this. They should accept menstruation as a normal and healthy aspect of her life. Temporary superstitions and taboos about menstruation should be kept away from the child’s mind. To more about Puberty you can read this book>

2. Menstrual Hygiene

Parents should educate their daughter to change the sanitary pads every 4-6 hours, depending on the flow. They need to do this so that menstrual blood doesn’t spill over and soil the clothes, becoming a breeding ground for infection. Girls should choose small and large pads, with or without wings, based on the expected flow rate. There are also alternative devices like menstrual cups which they can use. Changing undergarments twice a day, showering, and changing clothes daily, are a must.

3. A Healthy Diet For The Growth Spurt

Convenience should not get an upper hand over nutrition when it comes to the diet of your daughter. Parents or teenagers themselves, tend to neglect their nutrition due to a busy schedule. In your teen’s diet, you should include low-fat, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate foods which are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Parents should plan their child’s meals one day in advance and make sure their lunchbox is packed with nutrients. Deficiency of nutrients will affect their growth spurt and will make them exhausted. To more about the healthy diet you can read this book>

4. Hydration

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be ignored. You should teach your child to drink an adequate amount of water daily. Encourage your girl to drink a minimum of 12 glasses of water per day and ensure a steady supply of clean drinking water for your teen at school. As an alternative to water, you can give fruit juices to your daughter without adding sugar. Try as much as you can to keep your child away from coffee, excessive tea, carbonated drinks, and flavored and sweetened artificial drinks. Check it out!

5. Acne, Hair Growth And Body Changes

These above-mentioned discomforts are unavoidable for teens and need to be approached systematically. If your daughter has some amount of acne then it is normal and a healthy cleanliness routine is all that is required. You shouldn’t touch the pimples to prevent infection and avoid squeezing them to prevent scarring the skin. Always use a PH balanced face wash twice a day and avoid oily face creams. You can also use natural remedies like aloe vera and honey as a sooting option. If acne becomes severe and starts affecting your child emotionally then consult a doctor.

Hair growth has to be dealt with according to the preference of the child. Don’t keep excessive hair in underarms and private areas because it can lead to retention of sweat and infection. You can use some hygienic method for hair removals such as shaving and waxing. Try to help your children in establishing a healthy routine regarding this. Check out this hair guide!

There are some other difficult aspects that need initiation such as the use of bra and development of breasts. You should make your child comfortable and aware of her own body and teach her never to feel shy or embarrassed about it. Mother role is very important to help her build a strong body image early on.

Wrapping Up

Girls should also follow some more health tips for girls such as sex education, sound sleep, and exercise, etc. All the above-mentioned health tips for girls are very essential and they should follow these tips to lead a better and healthier life. Parents play a big part in a child’s life. So, parents have to be more careful about their daughters. Parents must tell their daughters to follow some health tips for girls.


5 Must Know Health Tips For Girls
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5 Must Know Health Tips For Girls
All teenage girls should follow some health tips for girls. Young girls need to take proper care of themselves.So you should follow these health tips.
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